Shimizu Kei'ichi

Kei'ichi Shimizu

Shimizu Kei'ichi is a student from Seiso Gakuen's Music Departement, class 1-A. Keiichi speaks slowly and politely, in a quiet voice, and can be found sleeping anywhere, anytime. He's always calm and follows his own path, almost like having his own world, but, he's always serious about music, especially with his cello. His life even seems to revolve only around music - he tells Kahoko that he sleeps, wakes up, plays the cello, then repeats the process, other than eating, going to concerts with his family and visiting the library to learn more about music.

He also often calls Mr. Kanazawa with weird wrong names.

His favorite food is Onigiri.


Shimizu can't be complete without his drowsy face and angelic smile. He is also unique for his blond, wild curly hair. He is also usually seen reading a book, even while walking on the streets.

His height is 168 cm.

Plot SummaryEdit

Primo PassoEdit

1st SelectionEdit

Shimizu first met Hino when she was in the school backyard. He was sleeping on the grass, and Hino warned him not to be sick. Even so, Hino was still worried if he's okay. He fell asleep in the music room and Hino thought he's sick and woke him up.

Selection statsEdit
  • Theme: Opening
  • Chosen song: "Cello Concerto in E major",