Seisou gakuen label

The Seiso Academy emblem

Seiso Academy is the main setting for the Kin'iro no Corda series. The school holds school concours every so often, and many of it's winners usually gets the chance to go to world class competitions.


Seiso Academy was built by a man, who traveled to a distance country in Europe in order to learn about music and making his dreams of building a music school come true. He saved Lili, who was trapped and injured at that time. Lili promised to make his dreams come true in the future, and that man built this school, with a statue of Lili in the main courtyard.

Learning SystemEdit

Seiso Academy is spilt into 2 departements: the General Education departement and the Music departement. It was almost split into 2 entirely different schools by Akihiko Kira, but was stopped successfully by the students, including Kahoko Hino.