Hihara Kazuki

Kazuki Hihara

Kazuki Hihara is a 3rd year student at Seiso Gakuen, Music Departement. He is also one of the concour participants, playing the trumpet.

He is very good friends with Azuma Yunoki since their 1st year. He has a huge crush on Kahoko Hino, revealed by saying "That's right... I like her..." after Hino put a bandage on Hihara's wound. Hihara was also down and confused after seeing Hino got in conflicts with Len Tsukimori. His performance in 3rd selection even got messed up. But he's back to normal after playing Gavotte with Hino (manga).

He is also very good at running(athlete). In one of his flashbacks, it was shown that he was chosen to enter a running competition while in grade school, but after frequently listening to one of his seniors playing trumpet on the school rooftop, he quited and started playing trumpet for a change.

He cares a lot about the people around him and willing to help them, especially Hino.


He has olive green hair. Usually seen smiling brighter than the others, he always look energetic everyday. Hihara usually wears the school uniform very casually, without the tie and only wearing the coat (unbuttoned) and a t-shirt.

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