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First Name: Hiroto

Last Name: Kanazawa

Japanese Way: Kanazawa Hiroto

Name (in Kanji): 金澤 紘 人

Birthday: March 3

Horoscope: Piscis

Height: 183cm (6 feet)

Blood Type: A

Family: Father and mother, younger sister, brother-in-law (younger sister's husband)

School: Seiso Academy

Occupation: Music Teacher

Instrument: None?

Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Hideo Ishikawa

First Anime Appearance: Episode 1

First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

• Interests: Cooking, fishing, watching baseball games

• Food he likes: ramen

The contest coordinator whose lazy demeanor suggests he is avoiding any hassles. He's known for smoking and he's still single at 33 years old.

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